Advantages of changing Engine Oil regularly

Engine oil change is a part and parcel of every auto repair visit, whether it is just for service or a part replacement. Why should they change it every time you visit a garage? And, why should you change it every 3000 miles even there is no other reason to visit an auto store? Read on to know why.


Certain parts of the engine need low or zero friction in order to work efficiently, and engine oil makes sure they get the right amount of friction. When engine oil is kept unchanged, it gets thicker that leads to increase or decrees in the required friction. This in turn leads to poor engine performance and reduced life of parts.


The engine has to be cooled down when it gets heated up as it contains various parts that can melt when the engine overheats. If the engine oil is dry or clogged, then there is chance for the engine to get overheated and this may lead to an unexpected breakdown.


Several parts of an engine will have to clean to work correctly. Without engine oil, they will get clogged up with residues and if engine oil is not changed for a long time, it becomes a clog itself. Only way to avoid frustration and constant visits to auto repair, is to change the engine oil constantly.

Your car’s performance, mileage and efficiency rely on a simple thing called “engine oil” and it is also one of the cheapest things related to an engine. Instead of spending so much on service, repairs and maintenance of your car every year, you can just change engine oil regularly and save a lot of money.

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  1. True! When I got my first car at the age of 19, I was so thrilled and excited that I was driving it like crazy. I thought that I knew everything about the car and did not take it to the service centre as per the specified guideline and the engine oil was not changed at all. I was too strong headed to accept the fact that I did not know all the details of the car. I realised it much too late, only after my car had a serious breakdown and had to spend quite a lot. Now, I know that it’s always better to leave things to the experts and ever since am meticulously following the guidelines.

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