Is Polish Better Than Wax?

There are so many car care products on the market that we can often get confused. One of those misleading names is polish and wax. Both are used to make the exterior of the car look better than before, but what is the difference? Lot of people mix these two terms and misuse them for each other. There is a clear difference between the two and here is how you can find that out.


Polishing is the use of chemicals on the surface of the car that can clean the car’s surface due to its property of removing dust particles without spoiling the finish of the car. This can help in making sure that the surface looks smooth as the dust particles are not present anymore. A polish well done has the capacity to hide any painting defects in the car.


The property of wax is that it can also make the car surface look clean and smooth. This is achieved as the wax can remove the dullness in the paint and hence make the car look cleaner than before.

Teflon coating is also one of the best options that are available on the market. This coating protects the paint layer from any kind of damage. Teflon acts as a protective layer and takes the load if there is any damage. This is done to give longer paint life in the cars. As of now, Teflon has taken over the use of polishing and wax as more customers prefer to have a preventive option rather than having a break fix.

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