Seven Tips For Exterior Car Care

The exterior of the car is what one sees when you drive through. It is very important that we take good care of the exterior as much as we take care of the interiors. The outside of the car is more likely to get dirty because of the exposure. So, one must take proper care so that the car looks like a new one for a long time. Seven tips for exterior car care are mentioned below.

  1.       There is a big misconception that new cars do not have to be taken care of. This is just one of the many tactics used by the sales people before they sell a car to us. Do not fall prey to this. Whether it’s a new car or an old one, proper care should be taken. If you ignore the exterior car care in the beginning, then you would be spending a huge amount to get it back in a few years time.
  2.       The rims of the car need to be washed regularly. There is a very high possibility of the rims getting dirty because of the high speed driving and hence have to be cleaned frequently.
  3.       Car waxing should be one of the items in your to-do list. Manufacturers again mislead us by saying that a car needs to be waxed only two times in a year. This will be suitable only for people who seldom use the car and not much dust is accumulated due to travelling. If the car is used on a regular basis, then you need to get it waxed at least once every two months.
  4.       Try not to scrub your car surface to remove any dust particles. It is a very basic human tendency to use hard scrub or force to remove the dust particle. One should always remember that using any of these will only make more harm than good and you can ultimately have the paint damaged in the process.
  5.       The tendency to use a sponge to clean the car exteriors seems like a very common practice. There are much more better products on the market for car care and choose that which will be suitable for your car and please leave the sponge alone.
  6.       A rotary buffer looks very easy to use and most of us might opt to buy one for our car. Not many of us actually know how to use it and if not used correctly it can cause more damage to the surface than by not using it.
  7.       Newspapers should not be used for cleaning the windshield or the window. There are much better options to clean the windows. If you are looking at cheaper options, us a glass cloth so that it does not make any scratches on the glass.

Any car’s surface can be made as good as new if you have the right tools and the skills to perform the surface cleaning as required and also at frequent intervals. All you need is some investment and a hell lot of patience.

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  1. Good article! Think you should also add that you should clean the car regularly and also make sure that you give it in the right hands if at all you don’t do it yourself.

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