Simple Maintenance Tips to ensure Maximum Engine Performance

Service and maintenance of cars every year costs more than what you expect it could be. Though there are so many online auto repair companies come up every year with competitively priced service contracts, the costs are still high. There is a reason why people spend so much money on auto repair every year and it nothing but the fact that most people doesn’t know even the basic of maintaining a vehicle. Here are a few tips to keep your engine sound and to reduce your annual auto repair costs substantially.


Engine Oil is required for cleaning the internal engine part, to provide a frictionless atmosphere for pistons and to cool down the engine when working. But, when it gets thick and cloggy, your car engine starts getting into trouble. So, never let the engine oil clog and it is best to change it every 3000 miles.


There must be a mark in your gas tank above which you shouldn’t fill gas. There are people who try filling up the tank up to the neck even if the nozzle of gas pump turns off automatically. Understand that the canister inside the engine is designed to work with gas vapors and when there is no vapor available, gasoline enters the system, leading to reduced mileage, poor engine performance and even breakdown.


Use only the battery with a CCA prescribed by the manufacturer. You can use one with higher CCA in case if you have made custom installations like music systems, AC, etc.

When these three factors are taken care of, you can see that you annual service contracts are cut by almost 50%. If you haven’t already doing so, it’s time you consider following these tips.

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